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Are you a BUSINESS OWNER who WORKS TOO HARD without getting the desired results?

Do you want to go directly to the source...and TRAIN YOUR BRAIN?
We can help you with our unique program!

IMAGINE if only you could…

  Be Focused


  End Overthinking

  Get In The Zone, Flow or Vortex

  Quit Procrastinating

  Reduce that Overwhelmed Feeling

  Stop whack-a-mole-ing your Business Tasks


Your lack of momentum is frustrating. If only you could build up your brain like you do your muscles.

You’ve done all the “right” things.

You believe in growing yourself.
You put in long hours.
You make sacrifices.
You’ve read self-help books.
You’ve meditated.
You may have even joined programs or worked with mentors.
Nothing seems to work and you’re feeling frustrated about your lack of forward momentum in business — and life.

Even your PERSONAL LIFE suffers!

You’re wondering if RUNNING a BUSINESS is supposed to be this difficult...

(Especially when you see your peers’ successes.)

You wonder if there's something wrong with you?

You work so hard yet what do you have to show for your efforts?

You wonder if you’re cut out to be an entrepreneur?

Maybe you’ve even thought of quitting?

It doesn’t have to be this way!


Entrepreneurs tend to think differently than most people.

We believe it’s because they are wired differently, in a good way.
But with different wiring can come unique challenges…
such as trouble maintaining focus and calming feelings of overwhelm.


Your brain is your body’s command center.

Think of it as a computer operating system. The brain’s wiring can be organically altered when pathways are damaged or have become less useful, thus strengthening other pathways. This process is known as neuroplasticity and it occurs in the brain due to factors, like behavior or environment.

Ready for some



We have the techniques that transform your brain to:

  Increase your focus and concentration

  Help you be more productive — in less time

  Allow you to get into the zone/flow/vortex any time you want to

  Think clearly and calmly

  Improve the quality of your life

  Make your daily life better

  Teach you a Growth Mindset

  Support you in a way that makes a priceless difference

Can You Imagine?






If this feels like a dream come true, you’re invited to join...

As A Founding Member You'll Have Access To:

A Six-Month Intensive Coaching Program designed to up-level your business and life by retraining your brain.


Tools that are used to increase brain functioning plus maximize, enhance, and build your brain’s existing strengths.
Think of this as your brain’s regular workout routine.



This is a Unique, Brain-Based, 6 Month Program and is only being offered to an exclusive group of 12 Entrepreneurs.

Schedule Your FREE “I’m Interested” Call TODAY to See if You Qualify



You’ll complete a questionnaire that will assess your goals, your mindset, and your brain habits. You will also take the Flow Scale survey, which gives us insight to your current flow states.


You’ll complete a Versus NeuroPerformance Assessment, with a Versus Brain Training headset which will help you understand how your brain works and what specific tools and protocols can maximize its output. We will personally interpret your results for you, instead of solely relying on a computer-generated report.


Once the initial assessment has been completed, we’ll conduct a 45-minute intake call with you with the intent to create clarity, understanding, and develop your goals and plan collaboratively.


Three times per week, for 20 minutes, you’ll be training your brain waves with your Versus headset. This headset is yours to keep, along with a six-month subscription to Versus Brain Training software. You’ll use one of our 14 training protocols selected by us specifically for you to effectively retrain your brain, expand your thinking, and grow exponentially. Your brain will learn to work smarter, not harder as you learn how to self-regulate your brain’s states. Stay focused. Feel motivated.


You’ll learn how your body reacts to stress, anxiety, or other stimuli with a HeartMath Biofeedback unit. With this unit’s outputs, you’ll learn how you can use your body and its signals as a guide to stay on track.


You’ll have access to four 20-minute long online training modules designed to help you stay on track, activate what you’ve learned, and keep motivated.


Two times a month, you will be invited to individual coaching calls where you feel supported as your progress is evaluated and tweaked as your forward momentum is celebrated.


You’ll be invited to join our private Facebook group full of like-minded entrepreneurs who are retraining their brains, too. You’ll get support, celebrate successes, commiserate over struggles, and share encouragement.


Inevitably questions come up in between sessions and these can be emailed and, if needed, answered. You’ll be supported throughout your journey.


This program is valued at over $6,000.

But for Founding Members only, we're offering a heavily discounted rate - in exchange for ongoing feedback about the program.  To find out more schedule your call below.



Schedule Your FREE “I’m Interested” Call Today to See if You Qualify and to Learn More.


About The Empowered Entrepreneur

Deb Del Vecchio-Scully and Dr Amy Palmer...

> Founders and co-owners of The Empowered Entrepreneur

Are brain health experts who have leveraged their experience to create a unique and powerful coaching program.

Between Amy’s expertise as a neuropsychologist and Deb’s nationally recognized trauma counseling experience, they have discovered the key to significant change and growth: the brain.

While many brain-based programs are cold and impersonal, Deb and Amy bring the heart and soul into neuroscience. They possess a deep knowledge of the powerful interplay between the brain, the mind, the heart, and the soul.

They can’t wait to share their expertise and techniques so you can become an Empowered Entrepreneur.

Do You Have More Questions?

We Have Answers....


Who is this Program For?

This program is for entrepreneurs who have a growth mindset who want to up-level their brain, their business, and their life.

Who is this Program Not For?

This program is not for anyone who does not believe in their ability to change their brain, their business, or their life. This program is not for anyone with a negative attitude or who is looking for a “quick fix” to improve their circumstances.

Can’t I just buy the Versus headset and do the brain training myself?

Yes, but by buying the headset on your own, you are assigned one of two training protocols by their system.  When you work with us, we have 14 training protocols to choose from and with our expertise and understanding of your brain we will select the protocol that will get you the best results.  We also monitor your training, and can offer you accountability, motivation, and suggestions based on our analysis of your training sessions.  Think of us as your personal trainer for your brain!

Can I keep the Versus headset after the program ends?

Yes, the headset is yours to keep.  If you wish to keep brain training after the 6-month program, you can either purchase additional coaching time with us, or you can buy a subscription through Versus.  We would be happy to discuss these options with you.

Can family members use the headset as well?

Yes, but they will need their own Versus subscription and login information.  Please email us for more information.  Never allow others to train under your account, as it skews your training results and can result in us recommending a training protocol that is not right for you.  

What is the time commitment?

To get the best results, you should do the brain training for 20-minutes, at least three (3) times a week.  You also will have two 20-minute coaching calls a month, and the four online training modules are approximately 20 minutes each.  

If you still have questions, please contact us by email - just click here.


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