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growth mindset Aug 11, 2018

I recently have had a mindset-reset regarding my work after receiving an invitation to support the Parkland, Florida community. I have been a trauma therapist for many years and have intentionally moved away from communal trauma work partly due to feeling mentally and spiritually depleted.

I’ve given myself time and space to recover and heal. When this invitation arrived, I was forced to examine my mindset and reset limiting beliefs about myself and my work.  I guided myself through an Appreciative Inquiry process to unearth my core feelings and beliefs, to clear the limiting thoughts and develop clarity.

Appreciative inquiry is a powerful way to shift mindsets, create movement and inspires action with an ability to visualize the future or an alternate outcome.

First, I asked did I want to step into this role?  

Responding to this question informs whether we are in alignment with an action. Always begin with this question – it will help you say yes only when you mean it.

Next, I asked do I have the resources for success. Resources include adequate time, energy, capacity and mental bandwidth.

Responding to this question informs my mindset status and provides a 360 view of the capacity to complete a major project.

Finally, I followed this by asking, am I willing to commit these resources to this project exclusively?

The answer to this question will clearly indicate whether there are any reservations to make the commitment.

Once I worked through these three questions, the outcome was clear. My answers weren’t all positive, nor did they need to be in order to make a mindful, informed decision. The AI process revealed where mixed feelings were present and with this awareness, I was empowered to acknowledge and address them. 




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