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 In my previous blogs we've been talking about Procrastination and discussed how to break the cycle of this unproductive mindset. 

I've shared two of my top Procrastination Hacks - the Stop Sign and Take a Moment to Pause.  While these are effective and well-tested on thousands of people challenged by procrastination there are two more steps that make this procrastination hack complete.

The Stop Sign clears the mind while the Moment to Pause breath helps us to return to the here and now. 

The next step after Stopping the intruding thoughts and Pausing to reconnect is to ask yourself:

Is there anything I can do about the situation, circumstance or issue you have procrastinated about?  Yes or No?

If the answer is yes, the next step is to take measurable step forward. 

If the answer is no, there isn't anything to do...the next step is to tolerate what feelings are arising, take a step back from the situation or circumstance to create...

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Pause Procrastination!


Last week we talked about STOPPING the shoulda, coulda, woulda thoughts that feed procrastination and avoidance by using the Stop Sign. Building on the work of the Stop Sign which interrupts the flow of negative intrusive thoughts, we follow it with taking a Moment to Pause with several deep, full breaths.

The Stop Sign clears the mind while the Moment to Pause breath helps us to return to the here and now.

The Moment to Pause Breath is a mindful powerhouse in terms of the positive changes it triggers and the ripples it creates in our brain, mind and body.

  • First, the Moment to Pause breath signals the part of the brain responsible for our stress response to stand down;
  • Next, the Moment to Pause breath activates the part of the brain which relaxes us to turn on;
  • Finally the Moment to Pause breath eases us into the current moment.  

These changes in the brain - turning the stress response off and the relaxation response on -  happen quickly with a several, mindful...

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Stop the Shoulda, Coulda Mindset!

What’s a busy entrepreneur to do when faced with the shoulda, woulda, coulda mindset?                                            

We’ve all been there, judging or criticizing ourselves or perhaps, being unable to let go of a mistake. When these thoughts happen every-day, it is a slippery slope into negativity and avoidance.

Procrastination is the thief of time and is often triggered by these types of thoughts and feelings. It’s fairly simple really. Negative thoughts of shoulds, oughts or musts imply a sense of obligation and lead to guilt if we don’t follow them.

Here are my satisfaction guaranteed tips to flip your mindset, reset your thoughts and get you back on track. They work, as long as you work them.


  • First, ask yourself, would I ever speak to another person this way?  Probably not.Asking this question can help you show...
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