Is There Something Fishy about your Brain?

I admit it, my attention span may have been shorter than a goldfish’s. 

I want to share with you a snapshot of what my life was like about a couple of years ago. 

Picture this:  I’m at my computer working, when I hear a notification from my phone that I have a new text message. I quickly check it and send a reply.  While waiting for a response, I mindlessly open Facebook, because I have to admit…. I really hate all those numbers of notifications staring back at me.  A friend has tagged me in a post because letting me know that I would like a restaurant she just dined at.    Next thing I know, I’m on Yelp to check out the reviews.  I feel the phone vibrate and see that my sister has replied to my text.  Before I have a chance to respond, out of the corner of my eye I see that I have a new email on my computer.  I put down my phone to read it, and suddenly ask myself:

“How did I get so off...

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