Pause Procrastination!


Last week we talked about STOPPING the shoulda, coulda, woulda thoughts that feed procrastination and avoidance by using the Stop Sign. Building on the work of the Stop Sign which interrupts the flow of negative intrusive thoughts, we follow it with taking a Moment to Pause with several deep, full breaths.

The Stop Sign clears the mind while the Moment to Pause breath helps us to return to the here and now.

The Moment to Pause Breath is a mindful powerhouse in terms of the positive changes it triggers and the ripples it creates in our brain, mind and body.

  • First, the Moment to Pause breath signals the part of the brain responsible for our stress response to stand down;
  • Next, the Moment to Pause breath activates the part of the brain which relaxes us to turn on;
  • Finally the Moment to Pause breath eases us into the current moment.  

These changes in the brain - turning the stress response off and the relaxation response on -  happen quickly with a several, mindful...

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