What if You Were Limitless?

mindset Apr 30, 2018

Imagine it – your business is flourishing with the types of people you love to serve. You have time to relax, to vacation and to delegate your to-do list.

Imagine it - your thoughts, beliefs and fears no longer get in the way of your success.  Does it seem too good to true? 

It is good, great even and it is also possible. 

I recently attended a Shadow Intensive retreat and was gifted two candles – one is white representing the light aspect and the other is black representing the shadow or the unseen aspect of ourselves.

The candle with the word “Unlimited” painted on it jumped out at me. It reminds me that I am more than my body, more than my mind and much more than my thoughts.

What if...you were limitless?

We are in a constant dance with our thoughts which we cannot see, cannot touch yet they have immense power in creating an invisible boundary that can seem impenetrable. That’s an old paradigm of being.

I am here to say - you can choose differently at any time!

Are you wondering how to begin?

First – Center yourself. Get grounded and connected with yourself.

Second - develop discernment to authentically know your soul-truth instead of automatically believing a thought is true.

Finally– stop traveling to StoryLand where our minds create a story about situations or circumstances. The Bhudda calls this pre-suffering.

They generally sound like “I can’t speak in front of an audience because they won’t believe me” or “Who am I to try to help others”.

StoryLand is a mix of some truth with a lot of projections and fears. StoryLand is seductive yet will increase self-doubt and worry.

It is pre-suffering.

And, you have the power to stop it. 



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